Episode Name: Fridge Smell

Season: 8

Episode: 151

Production Code: 11

Air Date: 03/13/2016

Written By: Deirdre Devlin, Jeff Eckman, Mike Fasolo, Seth Green, J.T. Krull, Matthew Senreich

Directed By: Tom Sheppard

Cast: Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Abraham Benrubi, Donald Faison, Sean Kenin, Alison Haislip, Jim Hanks, Caity Lotz, Kel Mitchell

Episode Summary: Overheard in the Robot Chicken writers room: the Green Mile seems a lot longer than that. Optimus Prime never shirks his duty...except maybe jury duty. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles learn about the birds and the cloacas.

Trivia / Info: This is the series' first full "picture-in-picture" episode.

Segment List:

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