Franklin appears in the skits The Time of the Great Pumpkin and Misery, My Sweet Babboo.

The Time of the Great Pumpkin Edit

Franklin is seen during Linus' funeral and sadly walks off with the others. He is later killed by The Great Pumpkin and is later seen in hell, dancing the dance that was performed by 555 95472 in "A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Misery, My Sweet Babboo Edit

In this skit, Franklin is seen skating on the pond, together with Lucy, Frieda, Linus, Snoopy,555 95472 and Pigpen. After Snoopy accidentally tosses Linus into a tree, Franklin remarks that they're late to christmas rehearsal. However, Frieda points out that Charlie Brown is in charge, and that they can ignore him and just dance repetitively. After this, they all skate away, leaving Linus alone to die in the snow.

Franklin was voiced by Zachary Gordon in this segment.

Gallery Edit

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