Robot Chicken Wiki

Anime Sure is Weird: Queen Beryl says Anime sure is weird to the audience.

Can We Handle The Truth?: The Angel laughs and looks at the screen saying "what a douchebag."

How Did That Joke Make You Feel?

There Can Be Only One Lohan

This Show Is So Clever

Walker Mode

You Can't Do That On Robot Chicken - Breckin Meyer complains and swears at the audience, Mad Scientist raises his eyebrows at the viewers.


Dora the Disaster

Dora the X-plorer

Bloopers! Three

Bloopers! Two

Welcome to the Spoilers

Wile E. Piphany - Wile E. Coyote tells the viewers that he has an erection.

Simon Says - Simon Seville tells the viewers to put their swimsuit area up against the tv screen, the segment ends with Simon Seville licking the tv screen revealing his saliva.