Final Fantasy Burger Chain
Screenshot of Final Fantasy Burger Chain
Season: 2

Episode: Rodiggiti

Length: 1:30


Characters: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Potato, Yuffie Kisaragi, Barret Wallace, Aeris Gainsborough, Sephiroth, Customer #1, Customer #2, Customer #3

Segment Summary: The cast of Final Fantasy VII get jobs at a burger chain.

Themes: Callback, Food & Drink, Games

Allusions:This sketch is a parody of the game Final Fantasy VII.

Trivia / Info:

  • The theme, "One Winged Angel" is played hilariously during Sephiroth's entrance with lyrics consisting only of HAM-BUH-GAH! said over and over.
  • Sephiroth's spells are Pink Slip, Unpaid Overtime, Toilet Scrub, Suspension
  • Cloud's special attacks are Peel, Dice, Chop, Slice
  • Cloud's spells are Spit in Food, Show Up Late, Blackmail, Ultimate
  • This segment quotes another sketch, I'm So Hungry.
  • Cloud Strife is apparently the fry cook, Barret is a burger chef, Aeris is working the register, while Tifa and Yuffie both have unclear roles, and Sephiroth is the manager.
  • It is revealed that Cloud is a fan of the L.A. Lakers when he said to the manager (Sephiroth), "But I have Lakers tickets

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Aerith's name is misspelled as "Aeris" in the sketch. In reference to the NA release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997, where her name was changed to Aeris so players would not mispronounce her name as "air-ith". All other appearances of the character has had her name's spelling returned to Aerith.
  • In the original video game, Cloud cannot use meteor. However, he does have an ability called "Meteorain" which is in fact his first Level 3 Limit Skill.
  • In the original game, players cannot control the enemy's action. They can do however if a character has a Manipulate Materia equipped assuming that the enemy has 0 dexterity.

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