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Season: 3

Episode: Boo Cocky

Length: :51

Cast: Robert Carradine (Chef), Seth Green (Orderly, Enrique, Woman), Breckin Meyer (Gary)

Characters: Orderly, Chef, Retards, Gary, Enrique, Man

Segment Summary: Consider this a warning, folks: Robot Chicken is so stupid, it'll kill you.

Themes: Death, Guns, Self-Reference, Television, Violence, Bodily Functions


  • This is another parody of TiVo.
  • One of the shows displayed on the TV is "My Gym Partner's a Vampire", which is possibly a take-off of My Gym Partner's A Monkey.
  • Another of the shows displayed is Moral Orel, another (recently canceled) stop-motion animated AS program that was produced in the same studio as Robot Chicken.
  • Yet another one of the shows is "Wheel of Cheese!", a parody of Wheel of Fortune and there is also "Mummy P.I., a parody of Magnum P.I. "Seth Green Power Hour" is also displayed

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Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • When the man "resumes" the episode on the TV, the blood has disappeared.

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