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Season: 6

Episode: Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday

Length: 1:05

Cast: Clare Grant (Girl), Seth Green (Captain America, Boy, Father)

Characters: Captain America

Segment Summary: Hard times call for a super-helping hand.

Themes: Comics, Public Service Announcements


Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Even thought the kids thank their mom and dad that they don't live like broke ass hippies, their house tells a different story.
  • The streamer over the fireplace spells "C R ST AS". The H, I, and M are missing.
  • There are three ornaments on the tree--all broken.
  • The lights on the tree do not work.
  • The TV is an old tube style with "rabbit ears".
  • The clothes line is full of clothes.

Transcription - Interpretations

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