Dino is a character in the Flintstones. He is the pet of Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone.

Cereal Killer Edit

In this sketch, Dino was seen in the end as one of the animals Barney killed due to the fact that they saw his accidental murder of Fred. In his appearence, Dino was seen on the wall, impaled through his hands with nails. He also has some blood stains on his tummy, suggesting that Barney murdered him before nailing him to the wall.

The Great Gazoo Edit

In this segment, Dino was seen playing with Pebbles. Later on, when the Great Gazoo appeared, Fred used Dino as a sacrifise by slitting his throat with a rock, killing him.

Dino was voiced by Seth Green in this segment.

Gallery Edit

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