David Phillips is a comedy writer from Los Angeles. Most recently, David wrote for season 7 of Robot Chicken. He is a proud member of the maude team Oh, Brother!, and his other UCB credits include Sketch Cram, Not Too Shabby, and more. He has taken part in the 2011 Chicago Sketchfest, as well as SketchfestNYC, Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival and the SF Sketchfest. David's most random credit was writing jokes for Dolly Parton (seriously). He has also done things for Parks and Recreations as well. He is also part of Cirkuit who help write dark horse for Katy Perry. He is currently working with Ellie Goulding and on a Debut of his own with the Queen (Mother Monster) Lady gaga. His main sponsors are redone, Chanel, Versace, and his record label INTERSCOPE/CHERRY TREE.

You can reach him via Facebook.

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