David "Dave" Lee Coulier (born September 21, 1959) is an American television and voice actor from Detroit, Michigan, best known for his role as Joey Gladstone on Full House.

Coulier has done extensive voice work for shows including Extreme Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters (taking over the character of Peter Venkman after Lorenzo Music's departure from the role), Muppet Babies (Baby Animal, Baby Bunsen, and Bean Bunny), Scooby and Scrappy-Doo, The Jetsons, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, Detention, and Teen Titans.

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif Operation Rich in Spirit

Cbb.gif The Sack

Cbb.gif Adultizzle Swizzle

Cbb.gif That Hurts Me

Cbb.gif Squaw Bury Shortcake

Cbb.gif Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy

Cbb.gif Triple Hot Dog Sandwich on Wheat

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