Dark Meat is a red chicken cyborg and Robot Chicken's evil counterpart created by the Mad Scientist's Son in Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist to the Rescue!. He assists his creator in fighting Robot Chicken. He is briefly knocked out by Robot Chicken's chest laser during their initial fight inside the White House, destroying the televisions his creator was using to torture the Presidents with, forcing his creator to unleash Dark Meat's fellow non-chicken cyborgs Cyborg Raccoon, Robot White-tailed Deer, and RoboHobo upon Robot Chicken. After his fellow cyborgs are defeated in an aerial battle with Robot Chicken, Dark Meat returns to challenge Robot Chicken again with his creator riding on his back. Dark Meat manages to overpower his counterpart and destroys his jetpack. However as he is about to finish off Robot Chicken, the Mad Scientist appears in his battle mech suit and destroys Dark Meat's jet pack. However Dark Meat survives the fall and faces off against Robot Chicken once more, while his creator fights his father. He is ultimately killed when Robot Chicken decapitates him with a punch.


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