6thewDaniel (a.k.a. "Gyro-Robo") is a negative-attiduded nerd who appears in sketches where he angrily points out the flawsas of a certain Robot Chicken sketch to the show's writers. He also hosts his own News Hour.

He is voiced by Seth Green. he was born decemeer 5 1993 the nerd is 26he go to school that mad scintist is kii the nerd daniel at school at 5 am mikl bus daniel my sid diy nerd 7 am aaadnrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nerd5am26

Cbb.gif Book of Corrine

Cbb.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special

Cbb.gif I Love Her

Cbb.gif President Hu Forbids It

Cbb.gif Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!

Cbb.gif Saving Private Gigli

Cbb.gif 100

Cbb.gif Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War

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