Dana Snyder (born November 14, 1973 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American voice actor.

Snyder is the voice of Master Shake on the television program Aqua Teen Hunger Force, broadcast on the Cartoon Network. The program is part of the network's late-night Adult Swim programming block. The show has drawn a cult following for its ability to mix animation with mature, comedic themes. Snyder is known for his highly creative, unconventional approaches to animation, plots and voice.

Snyder can also be heard on the Adult Swim shows Minoriteam and Squidbillies. On Squidbillies, televised on the Cartoon Network, Snyder voices Granny Squidbillie and on Minoriteam he voices Dr. Wang. Snyder also voices "The Alchemist" in The Venture Bros. episodes Fallen Arches, Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I) and Viva Los Muertos!, as well as "President Breyer" in the episode Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?, also broadcast on the Cartoon Network. He was also a frequent recurring voice on Cartoon Network's four-season series MAD, co-created by Robot Chicken recurring writer Kevin Shinick. His recent work is voicing Todd and Benny on G4 TV's Code Monkeys.

Episodes Acted In:

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Cbb.gif Easter Basket

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