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Season: 4

Episode: Help Me

Length: 2:41

Cast: Seth Green (Announcer, Himself, Scooby-Jew, Shaggy), Seth MacFarlane (Himself), Ronald D. Moore (Himself), Matthew Senreich (Himself), Joss Whedon (Himself), Clark Duke (Mike Lazzo; uncredited), Keith Crofford (Himself; uncredited)

Characters: Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Rob Ronning, Jeff Gardner, Matthew Ireland Beans, Ross Shuman, Ethan A. Marak, Rosa Tran, Mike Lazzo, Joss Whedon, Ronald D. Moore, Seth MacFarlane, Keith Crofford, C-3PO, Scooby-Jew, Shaggy

Segment Summary: With Robot Chicken cancelled, Seth and Matt seek out various contacts in the entertainment industry for new jobs.

Themes: Bleeped, Callback, Continued, Credits Encroachment, Death, Film, Food & Drink, Fourth Wall, Guns, Money, Self-Reference, Television, Violence


Trivia / Info:

  • Continued from In Memoriam, Season 3's cliffhanger.
  • Occurs before the opening credit sequence.
  • Joss alludes to Seth Green leaving the cast of Buffy after two seasons.
  • Makes reference to the previous Battlestar sketch, Frakking Galactica.
  • Both Family Guy and Robot Chicken have played on the perceived rivalry between Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green. MacFarlane, as well as other notable Family Guy voice actors, sporadically provide voices for Robot Chicken. Green voices both full-time.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

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