Condensia Collberg is a character from the swedish television series Badeboda Bo. She was the main villian of the show, and tried to close the hotel. Her secret is that she once upon a time was in a relationship with Eugen and Ebert's father Erland, but accidentally mixed him up with a boy kissing a girl, causing her to think that Erland betrayed her, which caused her to destroy Erland's motorcykle and then storm off. However, in the end, she reforms after Erland tells her that he didn't kiss anyone but Condensia, and that Condensia saw another couple kiss each other. In the end, she also saves Ella from getting imprisoned by Hotelldirektör Gnidhagen after she was blamed for destroying a valubable glass crown, and ends up running the hotel with Erland, while Eugen and Ebert goes on a long holiday.

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