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Chicken, also known as the Robot Chicken or often abbreviated as RC, is the main protagonist of Robot Chicken, who is featured in the opening sequences.


Chicken led a boring life of clucking, pecking, and scratching on Old Man McLauchlin's farm until his untimely death on Highway 9W. Resurrected by a Mad Scientist as a cyborg, Chicken now spends every living moment sampling brain-numbing television and wishing for death, much like the average television viewer for time equivalent to five seasons before he escaped.

However, while starting fresh, Chicken learned that the Mad Scientist captured his girlfriend and fights various characters to save his love before managing to kill his tormentor. However, in an ironic reversal of roles, Chicken turns the Mad Scientist into a cyborg and subjects him to the same mind-numbing torture he was subjected to.

Despite saving his girlfriend, it is later revealed that she ends up breaking-up with him, leaving him depressed. He is eventually forced to team up with his creator/nemesis when the Mad Scientist's Son kidnaps President Barack Obama and the former Presidents. Robot Chicken faces off against his evil counterpart Dark Meat and the son's other non-chicken cyborgs Cyborg Raccoon, Robot White-tailed Deer, and RoboHobo. Robot Chicken manages to defeat the son's cyborgs while the Mad Scientist deals with his son. After saving the presidents, the Mad Scientist punishes his son by forcing him to endure the same brain-numbing television that he and Robot Chicken were subjected to.

Centuries later in the future, Robot Chicken has become frozen in ice and is discovered by one of the Mad Scientist's descendants (it is revealed that have been several generations of Mad Scientists), who unfreezes Robot Chicken and like his ancestor forces Robot Chicken to once again all the time watch more brain-numbing television.


  • He appeared as a cameo character in The Simpsons Robot Chicken Couch Gag
  • The Star Wars specials feature an alternate opening sequence where he was found dead on Mustafar by the Sith Lord Mad Scientist and is turned into a Chicken version of Darth Vader.
  • The online description for the 10 inch action figure accidentally refers to the Chicken as a her.

Episodes Appeared In:

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