Charlie Brown is the main character of the Peanuts franchise.

The Time of the Great PumpkinEdit

In this skit, Charlie Brown is first seen kicking Lucy instead of falling for her usual tricks. This act causes her to tumble into the pumpkin patch where she discovers Linus muliated remains. After Linus' burial (which takes place the next day and Sally is buried alive by Pigpen), he talks to Peppermint Patty and Marcie about how having strong christian overtones won't save them this time. After finishing talking, he witnesses Peppermint Patty and Marcie kissing each other in disgust. A week later, everyone besides Charlie Brown and Lucy are dead, and when Charlie Brown looks away, the Great Pumpkin (a creature summoned by Linus) appears and kills Lucy without Charlie Brown noticing it. When he finally notices the Great Pumpkin, he runs for his life, and is saved in the last second when the great pumpkin is eaten by the Kite Eating Tree. The sketch ends with him sitting by the tree, looking at the sunset and thinking about his dead friends. The Camera then cuts to hell, where all his friends are dancing with the Devil.

Charlie Brown was voiced by Rory Thost in this sketch.

Misery, My Sweet BabbooEdit

In this skit, Charlie Brown asks Snoopy to search for Linus after he disappeared. Later, Charlie Brown gets embarrassed when he realizes that Linus was in his house all along.

Charlie Brown was voiced by Zachary Gordon in this skit.

Geography DayEdit

In this skit, Charlie Brown shows off his homework which appears to be about Iraq (a pun on I got a rock from It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)

In this sketch, Charlie Brown was voiced by Seth Green.

Deaf ParentsEdit

In this channel flip, Charlie Brown finally learns why his parents always says "Wah Wah". He was once again voiced by Seth Green.

Ren McCormackEdit

In this skit, he is seen greeting Ren McCormack (from Footloose). He was once again voiced by Zachary Gordon.


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