Born and raised in Toronto, Charles Horn received his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, which prepared him for a life of comedy writing and crime. Horn has written for Robot Chicken, Robot Chicken: Star Wars, HBO, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is also the author of The Laugh Out Loud Guide: Ace the SAT Exam without Boring Yourself to Sleep! (Andrews McMeel Publishing).

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Cbb.gif Robot Chicken Christmas Special

Cbb.gif Adultizzle Swizzle

Cbb.gif Suck It

Cbb.gif Federated Resources

Cbb.gif Easter Basket

Cbb.gif Celebrity Rocket

Cbb.gif Dragon Nuts

Cbb.gif 1987

Cbb.gif Rodiggiti

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars

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