Going hand-in-hand with the allusions category, this site will attempt to catalog the more general themes that frequently appear in Robot Chicken. Eventually, every theme used will have it's own page with a complete list of segments containing that theme and the details surrounding them. When creating a new theme page, be sure to use the What links here option on the lower left to view a list of segment pages in which the theme already appears. This works even before the page has been created.

Main Themes:

Special Themes:

  • Bleeped — Holy @#$%, somebody has a bad mouth.
  • Bug Eyes — One of the animators' favorite effects involves a humble amount of clay.
  • Callback — A reference to a joke from a previously produced episode.
  • Channel Flip — Segments that clock in at, let's say :10 or less.
  • Clay — Segments that contains clay animation, Bug Eyes excluded.
  • Continued — Segments that are (or have been) continued in one or more follow-up segments.
  • Credits Encroachment — This occurs when one of the segments spills over into the closing credits.
  • Fourth Wall — This applies when a character unexpectedly breaks the scene and talks to the camera and/or someone behind it.
  • Lengthy — Segments that clock in at, let's say 3:00 or more.
  • Live Action — Segments that contain one or more live-action elements/sequences.
  • Mashups — Segments that throw two or more familiar topics into a blender.
  • Real Toys — Segments that contain toys that are (or were) available to the public.
  • Recognition — Segments that have been recognized, usually by an organization outside of Robot Chicken.
  • Recurring — Segments that are (or have been) repeated.
  • Segmented — Segmented segments.
  • Self-Reference — Segments that contain a reference to Robot Chicken itself.
  • Silent — Segments without any voice actors.

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