Calvin's mom is a character from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes who appeared in the Robot Chicken sketch Calvin's Therapy Adventures voiced by Julianne Buescher.

Calvin's Therapy AdventuresEdit

In this sketch, Calvin's mother wishes her son a happy birthday and gives him a stuffed tiger named Hobbes who Calvin thinks is a real tiger, however from his parents perspective, it looks like Calvin is interacting and talking to thin air. Fearing for his sanity, they send him to a therapist, who sends Calvin to shock therapy after Calvin imagined that Hobbes mauled him, while in reality, he was just narrating that gory scene out loud. She is then present watching her soon getting shock therapy, getting comforted by Calvin's Dad after she sees how much pain the therapy gives Calvin. It then seems like Hobbes is gone, but Hobbes reveals to Calvin that he still is alive, and she is killed along with Calvin's dad with a chainsaw, because she "didn't believe" that Hobbes was alive.

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