Calvin's dad is a character from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes who appeared in the Robot Chicken sketch Calvin's Therapy Adventures voiced by Seth Green.

Calvin's Therapy AdventuresEdit

In this sketch, Calvin gets a stuffed animal from his mother and father, immediately thinking that the tiger is alive and chasing him around a couch. However, from his dad's perspective, it just looks like Calvin is running around the couch alone for no reason. Sometime later, he witnesses Calvin interacting with the tiger, named Hobbes like it was a real person, which makes him think that "something's wrong with his son". He is later present when Calvin get's shock therapy to get rid of his hallucinations, and is seen comforting Calvin's Mom when they see how Calvin reacts to the treatment (screaming loudly in pain). Hobbes then seems to disappear, but then reveals himself to still be there. Calvin's dad is later killed when Hobbes hacks him up with a chainsaw, since he "didn't believe" that Hobbes existed.

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