Calvin is a character from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. He appeared in the Robot Chicken sketch Calvin's Therapy Adventures.

Calvin's Therapy AdventuresEdit

In this skit, Calvin receives Hobbes as a gift from his mother and father. He immediately believes that the stuffed animal is alive and chasing him around the living room, much to the confusion of his parents. Sometime later, Calvin is with Hobbes at the backyard, talking about Cowboys and casinos before playing tag with each other. However, for his parents, it looks like he is talking to himself, and playing with the toy as if it were alive. This causes them to send Calvin to a therapist. When the therapist asks Calvin who he is talking to, Calvin asks if the therapist can't see him, to which the therapist replies that Hobbes is just a stuffed animal. Calvin denies this and orders Hobbes to "get him", which causes Hobbes to brutally attack and kill the therapist, however in reality, he's just narrating the gory scenario out loud. Later on, Calvin get's some shock therapy to rid him of the hallucinations which gives Calvin a lot of pain. The next day, Hobbes no longer talk to him, and Calvin thinks he's gone for good. However, Hobbes reveals himself to still be there, and explains that since his parents don't believe (in Hobbes), they need to kill them, and proceeds to take out a chainsaw which he uses to kill Calvin's parents. Calvin then calls the police, who believes that Calvin murdered the parents. Calvin claims that it was Hobbes, and manages to barely escape the police officer who tries to catch them and hide inside a trash can. The trash can then turns into a rocket which takes them to Mars, with Calvin exclaiming "Mars is amazing!". However, we then see Calvin inside a mental hospital, with a straight jacket on him, still mumbling "Mars is amazing" with Hobbes next to him. Calvin was voiced by Breckin Meyer.

Calvin and Susie Edit

In this skit, Calvin is seen alongside Susie, whom he has married. She is seen asking Calvin to pee on him, refering to the famous picture of Calvin urinating, featured on unlicensed merchandise. When Susie tempts Calvin by showing him her Ford tattoo, Hobbes quickly leaves the room.

Calvin was once again voiced by Breckin Meyer.

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