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Season: 3

Episode: More Blood, More Chocolate

Length: 1:18

Cast: Skeet Ulrich (Union Boss), Seth Green (Spud and Scoop), Jamie Kaler (Bob the Builder), Tom Root (Roley)

Characters: Bob the Builder, Scoop, Muck (cameo), Dizzy (cameo), Roley, Union Boss, The 2 Union Workers (cameo), Pilchard the Cat, Spud the Scarecrow

Segment Summary: Bob the Builder can fix almost anything, just not union disputes.

Themes: Violence, Death, Television, Animals, Bleeped, Blood, Motor Vehicles, Construction, Money


Trivia / Info:

  • Lofty the crane is the only main construction vehicle who does not appear. Wendy does not appear either. Lofty would later appear in Adios, Handy Manny. Wendy Appears On A Sketch Which Is On Instagram Breaking Up With Bob
  • Four famous catchphrases from Bob the Builder are heard: "Rock and Roll!" "Can we fix it?" "Yes, we can!" and "No prob, Bob!"
  • The background kind of resembles Sunflower Valley, meaning this could be a lost episode of Project; Build It!.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Scoop is a backhoe loader, so the scoop would normally be on the other end and there would be a loader at the front and his face should also be on the front.
  • Pilchard is violet in this sketch (she was periwinkle in the original show).
  • Muck is originally a dump truck with caterpillar tracks and a bulldozer blade, but she appears as a bulldozer in this sketch.
  • In the original show, Spud's eyes look the same as Bob's. In this sketch, his eyes are different from Bob's. Spud also had a parsnip for a nose in the original show. In this sketch, his nose was a carrot.
  • After Pilchard starts attacking one of the union workers, Bob drills another with a drill and makes blood spill all over his face. But when Spud starts hitting him with a shovel, the blood on Bob’s face is gone.
  • Dizzy's head is completely rectangular when it should be semi-circle shaped with a thin neck.
  • If you go frame-by-frame, you'll notice that Bob vanishes for a split second between him saying, "Now dig these motherf***ers a grave, Scoop!" and Scoop saying, "No prob, Bob!"

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