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Season: 2

Episode: 1987

Length: 2:19

Cast: Scott Adsit (Hungry Hungry Hippo, Narrator), Michael Ian Black (E! Entertainment Host), Leah Cevoli (Waitress), Miguel Ferrer (Danny Ocean, Basher Tarr), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Woman), Seth Green (Hungry Hungry Hippo, Hillbilly, Owen Wilson), Hal Sparks (Ben Stiller)

Characters: E! Entertainment Host, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Danny Ocean, Rusty Ryan, Basher Tarr

Segment Summary: Popular board games get turned into "action-packed feature films"? Wasn't Super Mario Bros bad enough?!

Themes: Animals, Film, Games, Segmented, Self-Reference, Television


Trivia / Info:

  • George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Don Cheadle were approached to reprise their roles from Ocean's 11 but they all declined.
  • The list of Ben Stiller movies reads:
    • The Great Ape Race (The Great Race)
    • CHiPs: The Movie
    • Something About Mary's Splooge-crusted Hair (There's Something About Mary)
    • A Jerry Stahl Christmas
    • Scorch: The Movie
    • What the {bleep} Happened to Mickey Rourke!? (What the {bleep} do we Know!?)
    • Mystery Men 2: Greenlit Against All Odds (Mystery Men)
    • Meet the Parents 33 1/3rd (Meet the Parents, Naked Gun 33 1/3rd)
    • Untitled Janeane Garofalo Flop
    • Prolific: The Ben Stiller Story
    • Stiller and Meara in: One Wacky Evening
    • Puckbusters (Ghostbusters)
    • Avenue of Bitter Tears
    • Ben Stiller Takes off his Shirt
    • Who Shot Mike Fasolo?
    • Tom Clancy's Right-Wing Techno-Porn
    • The Dark Crystal 2: Skeks Vs. Sever
    • Alphabet Soup
    • Shannon Gold Saves Easter
    • Yahoo Serious: Unserious and Unfunny
    • Solo 2: More Solo-ier
    • Another Uwe Boll Abortion
    • Burgertime vs. Pengo
    • License to Mow (License to Kill)
    • Andrew Racho is Not a Ninja
    • A Shot for Shot Remake of Mac and Me
    • Rockland County Blues
    • The Dark Brothers Present: The Meyer Sisters
    • Chanus!
    • Title Rejected By Network
    • The Comic-Con Massacre
    • Meet my Friend...Ben Dover
    • The People vs. Charles Horn
    • Bob, Eric, & Mike in Title Rejected
    • The Ben Stiller Show: The Movie
    • Garrison Keilor's Robot Chicken
    • Title Rejected by Network
    • The Frat Pack in the Poconos
    • Kid Sonic and the New Chameleons
    • Is That Freedom Rock?
    • The Only Actor Not Cast in a Woody Allen Movie
    • Title Rejected by Network
  • The Casino fruitmachine gives three times the Robot Chicken logo.
  • Another fruitmachine is named Lucky La$$.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Slip 'N Slide is not a board game.

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