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Season: 1

Episode: Toyz in the Hood

Length: 3:16

Cast: Jamie Kaler (Host, Detective, Dr. Al Robbins), Seth Green (Spider-Man, Tarzan, Al Roker, Fred Rogers, Peter), Chad Morgan (Katie Couric), Breckin Meyer (Reporter)

Characters: Bloopers Host, Katie Couric, Spider-Man, Tarzan, Al Roker, Fred Rogers, Peter, Reporters, Dr. Robbins, Gil Grissom, Dead Body, Spike Lee, Jack Nicholson, Skateboarder, Cyclists, Gymnast, Football Players, Mascots, Kid, Hindenburg Witnesses, Pole Vaulter

Segment Summary: More of television's greatest screw-ups, from Friends to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood to Saved by the Bell, are highlighted in "Bloopers Two."

Themes: Bleeped, Bug Eyes, Callback, Credits Encroachment, Doctors, Film, Guns, Bodily Functions, Death, Fourth Wall, Injuries, Lengthy, Motor Vehicles, Politics, Recurring, Segmented, Sports, Television, Violence, Suicide


Trivia / Info:

  • The Friends and Saved by the Bell clips mentioned above, as per the official website's summary, were not actually aired. They are available as extras on the DVD.
  • Katie is reading a story about an incident from the previous Bloopers! segment.
  • Underneath the chair to the right of the Host is a big pile of poop.
  • Grandma Fu can be seen fleeing from the Hindenburg.
  • The Sports Bloopers music is reminiscent of "Centerfield" By John Fogerty.
  • On one of the airing of this clip, "Jesus" is bleeped out.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

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