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Bitch Pudding (also spelled as Bitch Puddin' or often abbreviated as BP) is a major antagonist in Robot Chicken. She is a Strawberry Shortcake parody character with blonde hair and yellow clothes and a distinctively southern American accent due to she originating from the Arkansas Delta. She is voiced by Katee Sackhoff. She is in her late teens (probably at 18 years old) or early twenties (probably at 21 years old).


Bitch Pudding has long curly yellow-blonde hair in a ponytail, fair skin, freckles on her nose and cheeks, green eyes, long eyelashes, purple eyeshadow, and red lipstick. She wears a yellow-spotted dress, a yellow bonnet with a pudding logo, yellow and white-striped leggings, and yellow shoes with yellow bows on them.


As her name suggests, Bitch Pudding is aggressive, sassy, promiscuous, foul-mouthed, and insensitive, often mocking and demeaning the other Strawberry Shortcake characters in various ways. She often says, "BLAM!" after insulting someone. In return, she is disliked by many Strawberry Shortcake characters, who all attempt to kill her by dumping her into a volcano in her own special episode.

Apart from her appearances in Robot Chicken's Strawberry Shortcake skits, Bitch Pudding joined most of the show's original characters in the opening skit of Season Five.

Bitch Pudding was also part of the ensemble cast in "The Rescue", being one of the many defenders of the Mad Scientist's lair. Notably, she was one of the few characters (apart from the Scientist himself) to put up a decent fight against the Robot Chicken. Despite landing numerous blows and maintaining the offensive for most of the battle, Bitch Pudding was eventually overcome by the Robot Chicken (and his wooden sign, brought in response to her insulting his mother), who knocked her over a railing to a messy death on the floor below.

Despite appearing to die in The Rescue, Bitch Pudding makes a cameo in Season 6 episode Immortal. She was given her own special episode in Season 7, the "Bitch Pudding Special", in which the other Strawberry Shortcake characters decide to murder her by paying their mail-delivering bird to drop her into a volcano, a fate she narrowly avoids. After encountering a race of creatures called the Shlorps (parody of the Smurfs), she ends up back in Pastryville, only to find out the citizens' plot to murder her when she sees a festival celebrating her supposed "death". She eventually gets even by murdering them all by setting their church on fire with them inside, and then finishing them off with a minigun once they break out.

In season 8, she returns in "Bitch Pudding's The Crucible", a parody of The Crucible, and "Murder, She Bitched", a parody of Murder, She Wrote.

In season 9, she appears in more sketches, including a parody of The Sound of Music titled "The Sound of Bitching", where she takes on the role of Maria von Trappe.

In Season 10, she appears in more sketches, including parodies of The Handmaid's Tale, Psycho and the American version of Love Island.

Bitch Pudding is a skilled fighter, whether utilizing her bare fists or any weapon. She's successfully gouged out a woman’s eyes, and also shoved a man into a plastic-melting machine inside a bingo ball factory.


-“Blam! You all get a taste of the Bitch Pudding!”

-“All in favor of the death penalty, say ‘eye’! Ew, that's gross.”

-"This tastes like moose dick! I gotta go home; some asshole tried to kill me, so that asshole is gonna get my boot up his asshole.

-"What's up, fucknuts? Damn, I haven't seen this much white hair since Steve Martin sucked Leslie Nielsen's dick - allegedly."

-"Your name is 'Guilty as a Motherfucker' unless you've got an alibi, bar-of-soap-in-a-sock tits!"

-"One more lie outta that shit-nozzle you call a mouth, and I'll leave a boot print in your front butt!"

-"Maybe because he was emptying his bingo balls into your fat-ass wife's cigar cutter, you quibbling bowl of pickle dicks!"

-"Now hit my fucking theme song!"

-"So that's my story. I probably should've done a voice-over through the whole thing, but I didn't feel like it. Now, the only question is: what does the future hold?"

-"They were all in on it! The whole town tried to kill me?!"

-"Ow! You one-dimensional son of a whore!"

-"Blam! Your name is Cuntface! You fucking cuntface! Blam! Cuntface! Blam! Cuntface! Blam, bitches! Duh duh duh DUUUUH, Bitch Pudding!"

-"And I guess when you're 100 years old, I guess panties are just an afterthought. I mean, raise your hand if you never saw Granny airing out the Ark of the Covenant!"

-"I hope Granny is in Heaven, but she had a gambling addiction, so Satan might be doing her up the butt. Knock twice if Satan's doing you up the butt, Granny! (As Granny) I love it up the butt from Satan, everybody! (As Satan) You rule, Granny! Ha-ha!"

-"He's right. We were just having fun... with the Devil!"

-"I remember Granny... I remember her smile... I remember how much she loved baking sugar cookies... but most of all, I remember her rank-ass old lady farts! This bitch had no sense of smell, no sense of hearing, so all day long she was like... (blows multiple raspberries)"

-"It was horrible, Mr. Hale! Tituba was dancing with the Devil, and I'm not saying I saw anything, but I'm pretty sure he penetrated her - in the fart-blaster!"

-"This has been Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Remember kids - write a shitty, thinly-veiled metaphor for McCarthyism, and you too can stick your limp-ass candle up Marilyn Monroe's wind tunnel! Copyright Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Peace!"

-"Please stop talking, your voice is irritating as shit!"

-"Hey, you're that damn bird who delivers our mail!"

-"You flying turd! Who hired you?"

-"Good point jizz-cloth, but on the other hand..."

-“Your New Queen ain‘t gonna fuck herself!”

-“Did I ASK for a goddamn free hat?!”

-“That depends on whether I give a fuck, shit tits!”

-“*singing* Shut the fuck uuuuuup!”


-“I’m so fertile, I’m practically goddamn handicapped. I had to get an Amazon subscription for a coat hanger.”

-“Damn, bitch. They’re simple instructions.”

-“Room, board, AND free dick?! Up top!”

-”Sorry, spunk-sponge - the Shlorps are under my protection! Uh... starting now!”

-“Wassup, hoes?”

-"Your mama sure liked it when she ate it outta my butthole!"

-"Remember when I said I'd shoot you last? Must have been a fantasy I had when I was masturbating!"

-"Why don't you get your tongue outta your daddy's asshole so I can jam your mama's cock up there, you jizz-gurgling pile of monkey spunk? Nothing to say now, huh?"

-"Hey fuck-clown! If you're raggin' so bad, why don't you take your mama's tampon out your daddy's asshole and lick it clean before you shove it up your pussy?"

-"Mmm... that's not what I heard."

-"I heard she left home because her daddy took her black cherry."

-"Put your Hitchcock in her!"