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Season: 4

Episode: P.S. Yes, In That Way

Length: 1:13

Cast: Billy Dee Williams (Himself), Seth Green (Customer, Manager), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Check-Out Lady)

Characters: Billy Dee Williams, Check-Out Lady, Customer, Manager

Segment Summary: A spirited debate involving Lando and Tic-Tacs. Wow.

Themes: Continued, Film, Food & Drink, History, Money


  • Makes references to The Empire Strikes Back and some of Billy Dee Williams' other work.
  • Also historically references an event in World War II regarding Marshal Philippe Pétain's betrayal to France.
  • Billy's first lines in this sketch are "Hello, what have we here?" which are also the lines he also said when he first saw Princess Leia in "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back."

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