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Cbb.gif Spore + Robot Chicken = WTF!
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Spore Wars? Video game Spore expansion pack gets Robot Chicken content! Check out the article and behind-the-scenes video on for details.
Cbb.gif Watch an video of the Robot Chicken panel at NY Comic-Con '09.
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken brought home three Annie Awards, including Writing in an Animated Television Production and Best Animated Television Production for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.
Dbb.gif Season 3 is now available on DVD! Order now on Eggs: On disc 1, press left and up from "Chicken Nuggets" under extras. On disc 2, press left from the "Cute Soup" animatic under extras.
Dbb.gif The special edition DVD of Robot Chicken: Star Wars is now available! Order now on DVD easter eggs: Press left on the extras menu or up on the setup menu until Boba's control panel or Darth's suit lights up.
Mbb.gif Plenty of Stoop!d Monkey merchandise is available at the CafePress store!
Cbb.gif Watch a behind-the-scenes segment on called Robot Chicken Toy Hunters.
Dbb.gif Robot Chicken - Season 2 (Uncensored) is now available on DVD! Easter eggs: Press up and enter from "EXTRAS" and "SET UP" on the main menu of disc 1. Some deleted scenes from the DVD are available for viewing on Army Firecracker | Beanie Propeller | Bear Alarm Clock | Mrs. McNally's
Cbb.gif Seth and Matt recently appeared on NPR's All Things Considered. Listen here.
Cbb.gif Seth Green is working with, an online charitable organization. See his page for more details and please contribute if possible.
Cbb.gif Seth and Matt have signed a two-picture deal with Dimension Films that includes the production of a stop-motion animated Christmas movie titled "Naughty or Nice". Check out this press release on Seth's site for complete details.
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken has taken home Adult Swim's first Emmy. Congrats to animator Sarah Meyer for her work on A Very Dragon Ball Z Christmas!
Cbb.gif See Seth Green show off his cherry action figure collection for two seconds in the latest Weird Al Video
Dbb.gif Season 1 DVD easter egg: Press up from setup and then select the line on the gauge to view the Pee Reel!
Cbb.gif Check out the Robot Chicken video blog.
 Robot Chicken premieres on TV. 
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