Andy Davis is a main character in Pixar's Toy Story franchise who appears in two sketches of Robot Chicken. He is voiced by Seth Green.


In the "Toy Story 4" segment of the episode called Kramer Vs. Showgirls, Andy comes home from college for spring break and has sex with a girl. He then says he left his "favorite toy" (a bong) back at college, which upset Woody very much, and then turns Buzz into a makeshift bong, leaving Buzz brain-damaged to a level of mental retardation. Later on, Woody ended Buzz's suffering by smothering him to death with a pillow.

In the "You've Got A Collectable Asset In Me" segment of Rebel Appliance, Andy's toys return to his room after their latest adventure, only to discover that he has bought replacements for all of them from Ebay while they were gone. When Andy comes into the room and notices that he now has two of each of his toys, he decides to sell the older ones on Ebay, causing Buzz, who is in his toy mode, to exclaim "What?!", which confuses Andy because his voice chip has never said that before, and to cover for himself, Buzz adds, "Yeah, I'm a rare variant. F**k you, traitor!". Andy is then show to have sold him on Ebay as a rare variant for $803.23, as Buzz, who is on his computer desk, tells him "F**k you!" with his voice chip again.

In the "Toy Story Meets Pinko" segment of Secret of the Flushed Footlong (where he is a child rather than a teenager unlike the other two Toy Story sketches he appears in), Andy receives a new "creative" toy called Pinko from his aunt. Upon reading the label on Pinko that states "You decide what I am", Andy decides that "[he's] trash" and throws him into the garbage bin.


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