Special Credits:
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II — SLAVE OWNER
Cbb.gif Help Me — SEVEN DEUCE
Cbb.gif They Took My Thumbs — FLAMER
Cbb.gif I'm Trapped — FAIRY
Cbb.gif In a DVD Factory — EATS PAINT CHIPS
Cbb.gif Tell My Mom — ...
Cbb.gif P.S. Yes, In That Way — YUGO
Cbb.gif Love, Maurice — SUPER FLUFFER
Cbb.gif Two Weeks Without Food — FUDGE PACKER
Cbb.gif But Not In That Way — WHO I SETTLED FOR
Cbb.gif I Love Her — COMPLIANT
Cbb.gif We Are a Humble Factory — TURBOGRAFX-16
Cbb.gif Maurice Was Caught — EW...
Cbb.gif Unionizing Our Labor — FRIENDSTER
Cbb.gif President Hu Forbids It — FAIL
Cbb.gif Due to Constraints of Time and Budget — RAINBOW KISS
Cbb.gif The Ramblings of Maurice — CUP
Cbb.gif Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry — MAXIMUM DOUCHE
Cbb.gif Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors — GOLDEN SHOWER
Cbb.gif Especially the Animal Keith Crofford! — DONKEYHUMAN
Cbb.gif Dear Consumer — TURD BURGLER

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