Season: 8

Episode: Garbage Sushi

Length: 0:54

Cast: (Handy Manny), (Bob the Builder), (Señora Portio)

Characters: Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, Señora Portio, Felipe, Turner, Pat, Rusty, Dusty, Squeeze, Stretch, Lofty, Scoop, Muck

Segment Summary: Everyone's disappointed in you, Bob. (Well, everyone except Trump.)

Themes: Foreign Languages, Mashups, Money, Politics, Television

Allusions: Mashup parodies of Handy Manny and Bob the Builder.


Trivia / Info:

  • Unlike Bob the Union Scab, where Scoop only has his backhoe and his face his on his rear end and Muck is a bulldozer, in this sketch, Scoop and Muck are portrayed the way they are on the show, as they and Lofty are real Bob the Builder figures instead of models made by the Robot Chicken staff as in Bob the Union Scab.
  • By the time this sketch had aired, Bob the Builder was rebooted and redesigned. Scoop, Muck and Lofty being the only machines to appear in the sketch is likely a reference to the fact that they are the main machine characters seen most of the time in the reboot, as Dizzy and Roley now act as side characters.
  • The description references then-Republican presidential candidate (currently President) Donald Trump and his controversial political views against Mexico.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • In this segment, Manny is shown as Mexican with darker skin. In the actual show, he has light colored skin and little trace of Spanish accent.
  • Señora Portio looks completely different to the actual show.
  • Bob the Builder is actually a British creation, and was dubbed for airing in the United States, yet here he is portrayed as an American.
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