Abraham Rubin Hercules Benrubi (born October 4, 1969 in Bloomington, Indiana) is an actor best known for his incredible stature, 6'7", as well as his regular appearances as Jerry Markovic on the long-running US TV drama ER, and his first role as Larry Kubiac, or "Kube", one of the stars of the early 1990s series Parker Lewis Can't Lose. In season 2, he is credited as Abe Benrubi.

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif Junk in the Trunk

Cbb.gif Gold Dust Gasoline

Cbb.gif Vegetable Funfest

Cbb.gif The Deep End

Cbb.gif Nightmare Generator

Cbb.gif Celebrity Rocket

Cbb.gif Dragon Nuts

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Cbb.gif Blankets in a Pig

Cbb.gif Moesha Poppins

Cbb.gif Losin' the Wobble

Cbb.gif sw2

Cbb.gif Due to Constraints of Time and Budget

Cbb.gif Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

Cbb.gif Terms of Endaredevil

Cbb.gif Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

Cbb.gif Beastmaster & Commander

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Cbb.gif In Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones

Cbb.gif Eviscerated Post-Coital by a Six Foot Mantis

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