Season: 8

Episode: Cheese Puff Mountain

Length: 0:24

Cast: Clare Grant (Velma Dinkley), Erin Cottrell (Daphne Blake), Brett Dalton (Fred Jones)

Characters: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred

Segment Summary:

Themes: Animals, Money, Television


Trivia / Info:

  • This segment refers to the conspiracy theory that the original Scooby-Doo show takes place after a economic depression.
  • This segment marks the first time that Velma, Fred and Daphne is voiced by someone else than their actors from the live action movies in Robot Chicken.
  • This also marks the first time that neither Scooby or Shaggy have any dialouge in their appearence on Robot Chicken.
  • The music in the background seems to spoof the chase songs that were featured in the second season of "Scooby-Doo - Where are you?".

Goofs / Nitpicks:

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