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Season: 2

Episode: Robot Chicken Christmas Special, Easter Basket

Length: 4:16

Cast: Phyllis Diller (Mrs. Claus), Seth Green (Goku, Santa Claus, Little Drummer Boy, Elf, Tetsuo, Reindeer, Rudolph), Dan Milano (Gohan, The Nutcracker), Christian Slater (Composite Santa), Stephen Stanton (Reindeer)

Characters: Goku, Gohan, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Composite Santa Claus, The Nutcracker, Little Drummer Boy, Mike Lazzo, Elves, Tetsuo, assorted reindeer.

Segment Summary: Goku and Gohan help Santa Claus save Christmas from Composite Santa, The Nutcracker, Little Drummer Boy, and Mrs. Claus.

Written By: Tom Root

Animated By: Sarah Meyer, Sue Twining, John Harvatine IV, Misha Klein, Mike Wolfe

Themes: Death, Destruction, Film, Guns, Holidays, Lengthy, Mashups, Recognition, Television, Violence, Bleeped, Anime


  • This segment stars two characters from the anime series Dragon Ball Z.
  • The Little Drummer Boy's pose as he drops his drumsticks parodies a similar action from the film Drumline.
  • The Little Drummer Boy bears a striking resemblance to Goku.
  • Mrs. Claus transforms into the monstrous form of Tetsuo seen at the end of Akira. Tetsuo himself appears as well.
  • Composite Santa Claus parodies DC Comics' Composite Superman, a genocidal villain with the split-down-the-middle appearance of half Superman, half Batman.
  • Defeating Mrs. Claus completes the "Tenkaichi Budokai", which is a reference to the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi video game series.

Trivia / Info:

  • This segment was first aired in the Robot Chicken Christmas Special.
  • Animator Sarah Meyer received an Emmy Award for her work on this segment.
  • When Composite Santa Claus attacks Goku, he yells out "Sugei Mako!", a Japanese phrase meaning "Incredible Confidence".
  • The word "scrotum" has been censored.
  • The Nutcracker appears to be kicking Mike Lazzo.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Goku calls his son Gohan, however it is more likely Goten, due to his hairstyle being the same as Goku's. Gohan has had completely different hairstyles and was in his mid-teens, however when young, Goten's hair was exactly like Goku's.
    • At the beginning we see Goten's stocking on the wall. But in the source material by the time Goten was born, Goku was dead and when he came back to life Gohan was a teenager attending high school.
  • Goku is shown without wearing his blue undershirt, belt, and blue wrist bands; also there is no insignia on his traditional Orange Gi.

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