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• 5/13/2018

Season 9 Part 2 Parody Predictions

What do you predict that Robot Chicken will spoof during the rest of this season? I predict the following:

-Hey Arnold! - Considering the show has clearly moved onto the 90s with it's nostalgic references and has already done nearly every other Nickelodeon show from that era. I can definitely see a sketch of this one possibly being made in the future.

-Wallace and Gromit - Not only do this series of Claymation shorts fit into the 90s nostalgia category but they are also stop motion animated so it should be fairly easy for Robot Chicken to do a memorable sketch referencing Aardman's famous man and dog duo.

-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - A 90s show with a catchy, memorable theme song that sticks in your head like superglue? Sounds like perfect parody material to me!

-Rick & Morty - On the more current end of the pop culture spectrum, I can definitely see at least a brief reference to show popping up on Robot Chicken eventually. The show is possibly [adult swim]'s biggest hit of the 2010s so far so giving it a shout out would only make sense.

-The Big Bang Theory - The show is about nerds. Robot Chicken has a Nerd character. Seems like an appropriate idea to have the Nerd visit the cast of TBBT in one of his signature daydreams.

-Rocko's Modern Life - This 90s cult classic seems like it was made to be parodied on adult shows. Think about it? The show has a restaurant called the Chokey Chicken, featured not-so-subtle sexual innuendos on a near episodic basis, and would occasionally even imply that the main character was a phone sex operator. That is literally one step away from being considered a fellow [adult swim] show.

-Peppa Pig - Since Robot Chicken seems to LOVE making fun of modern baby shows anymore, I can't imagine them resisting the urge to make fun of the mind numbing garbage that is Peppa Pig.

-The Lion King - When it comes to the popularity of Disney films throughout the years, The Lion King was pretty much the Frozen of the 90s. With it's massive popularity to this day, I'm very surprised the show hasn't spoofed this one yet.
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• 2/19/2018

Funnybones Reference?

In last night's episode "Ext. Forest Day" was that one skit with a song that went like,
"In a dark, dark cellar in a dark, dark house in a dark, dark corner in a dark, dark room. Your parents are doing it" or something like that. Was that a reference to the 90s kid show, Funnybones theme song? Or was it to something else? Because I could've sworn that the Funnybones intro sounded almost exactly like that......minus the "your parents doing it" part at the end of course.
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• 2/19/2018

Ex-Forest Day

For tonight's latest episode, we will need new pages for all of the following allusions (well, the ones I caught at least):
-The Sword in the Stone
-Funnybones (In a dark, dark cellar in a dark, dark house blah blah blah was a reference to this show's intro)
-Suicide Squad (EDIT:Wait never mind, I just now realized that we already have a page for this one)

Feel free correct me if there's any I'm missing. I just thought it would be a good idea to list all of the references I noticed to help steer clear of all the vandalism that's been plaguing this Wiki lately. Robot Chicken is definitely one of those shows that takes a group of people from different generations who like different things to catch all the references in one episode. It's also one of my favorite shows so of course, I hate seeing vandals ruining the best source for Robot Chicken info on the Internet. I will try to do anything I can to stop this vandalism, even if I have to cut off my own hand and make into a chainsaw like the dude from Army of Darkness. Okay maybe I wouldn't go THAT far to stop the vandalism, but it's definitely something I'd like to help do away with as best I can. I'm still shocked that they did Funny Bones btw :P
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• 9/21/2017


There's ANOTHER new vandal on the loose, as well as another who's blocked, but NO ONE CAN DELETE THEIR SPAM PAGES. Either I need to become an admin or the Robot Chicken Wiki's gonna have a huge bullseye on it.
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